Register a Charity

Are you considering registering a charity? Please note that it is essential to comprehend the difference between a registered charity and an incorporated charity.

Normal Process

  1. Register Charity with CRA- this will entail filling out an application with supporting documents including financial statements and bylaws and constitutions at which point the government will grant a charitable status.
  2. Abide by legal responsibilities set by Canada Revenue Agency by filing a charitable information Return (T3010 among others).
  3. Upon operating a charity with diligence and care, the charity may consider incorporating either provincially or federally. Once the establishing charity as an incorporated body, the charity must inform the Charity Directorate of the change of status from registered charity to incorporated charity and must include the article of incorporation. The incorporated charity must file a charitable information return (T3010) and a corporate tax return (T2), among others.

Alternate Process: 

  1. Incorporate a charity. This step doesn’t give you a Charitable Status.
  2. Apply with the Charity Directorate for charitable status
  3. Abide by legal responsibilities set by CRA by filing a Charitable Information Return (T3010) and a corporate tax return (T2), among others.

If you would like to know more about registered and incorporated charities please contact our office.