Whether you are considering to register a Charity and don’t know where to start or you are an existing charity and are deficient in meeting CRA guidelines, we can help!

We welcome you to a free consultation to assess your situation.

The benefits of the free consultation will enable you to see what needs to be addressed in a priority sequence. In that regard, we will be able to present you with the services that are tailored to your needs. Please see below for potential services.

We will assist you to:

  1. Determine strategies for action
  2. Explore potential  solutions
  3. Correct deficiencies
  4. Develop customized system for meeting the requirements
  5. Provide training when necessary
  6. Forecast and budget finances
  7. Obtain proper permission from the government for funds outside Canada. I.e. mission work or a representative in another country acting on behalf of the charity
  8. Prepare the by-laws and constitutions

To schedule an appointment for a free consultation please contact us.